20 Necessary Post Apocalyptic Skills

When the sh!t hits the fan, you either want to be the biggest baddest bully on the playground, or you want him to hire you.

In order to fall under the protection of Billy Bad A$$, you’re gonna need some skillz.  Skills will be highly necessary, and make you both self sufficient and highly valued in a post-apocalypse world. Knowledge of all would be ideal, yet virtually impossible as one would have to spend a lifetime mastering them. So get your family and bug out mates together and get your post- doomsday job plan in place.

1. Hunting, skinning and processing
It’s awesome that you are spot on with the rifle, but you must know how to process your kill. Unless you plan on carting around your own personal butcher.

2. Farming and Gathering
Learn what grows best in your area, and your BOL if it is a different temperate. Practice growing. It takes farmers decades to master the art of farming.

3. Food Preservation
Learn to can, preserve, dry, smoke, jerk, and store seeds.

4. Blacksmith
There will always be a need for metalwork.

5. Construction
Be the guy who builds the perfect shelter that won’t collapse the first big storm. ‘Cuz that guy won’t be so popular.

6. Defense/weapons/combat fighting Expert
You never know who you will have to fight. Zombies, a lone sneaky marauder, or a whole troop of neighboring forces who wish to take what you have worked so hard for.

7. Irrigation
Having an irrigation system is so much easier than refilling the watering can 5000 times a day.

8. Sewing/knitting
Unless you like running around naked all year

9. Mechanics/Alternative Fuels
And the best part? You get to convert that sexy muscle car you have been eyeballing at the local dealership.

10. Animal Husbandry
Cows, sheep (and sheep shearing for warm winter wool) chickens, rabbits…

11. Beekeeping
It is said that all life will cease to exist if the bee were to become extinct.

12. Fishing
And netting.

13. Soap and Candle making
Leaves the village out of the dark and not repulsive.

14. Alternative (natural) medicine as well as emergence medicine
We will need both an emergency medic who can perform appendectomies, c-sections, and set broken bones, as well as a naturopath who can prescribe herbal concoctions for coughs and minor pains and ailments.

15. Music Making
Life is so much better with music.

16. Masonry
Bricks and mortar baby.

17. Morse code
Communication will always be a commodity

18. Cobbler
Eventually, all shoes will run down.

19. Scavenging
Locating the last of the (pre-expired) penicillin and Pepto? Priceless

20. Piloting
There will be many planes laying around. A plane will make many tasks that much more easy.

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