Post Apocalyptic Entertainment- Avoiding Cabin Fever When You’re the Last Survivor

Okay. So you survived. The shit hit the fan in the worst way possible, and your bad self took no prisoners and came out on top. Congratulations! You are now officially bored! You demolished who needed to be demolished, moved up from your temporary bug out shelter to your prime piece of permanent real estate, have a quite a nice little garden growing, have scavenged enough supplies to get a small army through the Dark Ages, and are currently sporting a very sexy beard if you do say so yourself. You have read everything that looked interesting in your scavenged library, and now you have the wanderlust. You are itching for something to do. The witchy feeling of unrest which hits much of the population around spring, is not necessarily a precursor to travel. Sometimes it simply means you are insanely bored. The following is a non inclusive list to get those creative juices flowing.

Run, Forrest!

Set up an obstacle course. Use those random items you scavenged. Remember that pool noodle? You knew it would come in handy! Use it as a hurdle! And the leftover fishnet shirts? Stretch those out and tack them to a frame you make out of sticks to simulate the exercise of low crawling under barbed wire in Basic Training. Your imagination and stock of random items are the only limit.

Disclaimer: Do not use anything with which you may potentially injure yourself. Nothing sharp or dangerous! Remember the title of the site you are visiting: SURVIVING the apocalypse!

Urban Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things to find such as feather, bug, pinecone. Then try to find them. An interesting twist to this is in an urban environment. Your list can include: a full beer can, an unopened electric bill, a corpse minus the left arm… again, the sky is the limit here.


Tower Defense

Now that your home is safe and strong practice defending it from marauders. Pretend you are under siege, and throw rocks, fire homemade bows and arrows, set up nets and traps in strategic areas, and play around with it. You are a one man army, go wild!

Make a Wish!

Remember that tree house you wanted when you were a kid? Now is the time for your dream to come true! If there are no trees around, try telephone poles or scaffolding.



Set up your ‘pins’, a binder, empty liter bottle of juice, sturdy sticks, a blow-dryer, or whatever else you can find, and try knocking them down with your softball or rock; of course, if you actually posses a bowling ball you are one cool cat! You get two points for every strike, one for a spare.

Save the Orphans

Rescue a critter from one of your snares. You can perfect your medical techniques, and once your little friend is healthy, gain his trust and companionship. Everything is always more fun with someone to share it with! Make sure he is not rabid or bipolar first, though.

Post Apocalyptic Best Sellers List

Start journaling your experiences. You made it through TEOTWAWKI for a reason. You have a spectacular story to tell.


Cut Your Hair

However you want. Anything goes now with no corporate axes to kiss.



Blowguns, crossbows, solar panels etc.

Post Apocalyptic Love

Eventually, you may need to find a buddy out there you can chat with. Years without human contact may drive your mind to some unhealthy ends. Be careful whom you choose. Poking your head out the door and befriending the first vagabond you see could prove disastrous. In addition to finding a buddy, your body will start to let you know that you need a mate of the opposite sex. If you succeed in finding a partner, you’ll have plenty to do. (Clean the bathroom, take out the trash, scavenge for valentine’s day cards, etc.)


O’ Starry Night

Can’t remember the names of the star constellations besides the Big Dipper? That’s ok, it’s your sky now! Name them what YOU want!

Add others to the comment section below!

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