10 Qualities to Look For in an End of The World Mate

You survived the apocalypse and now that the threat of death is gone, you miss being told to take out the trash and want a reason to brush your beard every morning. You need a survival mate! So what qualities should you look for in a post apocalyptic partner? Read on 10 things to look for in a survival mate.

When it’s warranted of course. Slaughtering roving bands of cannibalistic misfits is perfectly fine and will win adoring fans. Launching kittens throughout camp is not acceptable.

There’s the one who swears up a storm at every disabling moment-the magnesium didn’t light the first time, you woke them earlier than they had wished because you swear you heard a grizzly circling camp, and that damned broken nail that suddenly becomes your fault as you were the one who asked them to get the firewood… Human companionship is what it is, and I do suppose that in a TSHTF scenario sometimes even a bad partner would be better than none at all… But personally I would rather have a person around who brought everything and everyone up-not shoved it into the ground.

MacGyver could fashion an escape from a Turkish prison using a ballpoint pen, hair gel, and a tube sock. What can your mate do when necessary?

Not to be underrated, humor creates a spectacular instance of survival. The term “Laughter is the best Medicine” cannot be underrated. Laughing lowers your heart rate, and increases the serotonin (feel good chemical naturally dispersed by the body) and endorphins, and even works some normally underused muscles. Plus it does help to take a step back and look at the situation you are in in a different light. If you can laugh about it, you are going to be ok.


Proven fact: someone who is down brings you, everyone within earshot down. People have this silly little way of being connected, and if one is unhappy there usually aren’t others in the immediate area that are jumping for joy-unless those others are Billy Bad A$$ and his minions.. Sadness is a dis-ease that spreads rapidly; unfortunately it is very cool with teenagers right now, and all you get is a bunch of dark souls moping around saying “poor me”. It is quite contagious, stay away at all costs. Instead, bask in the sunlight and hang around those who are bright and optimistic. Your psyche will thank you for it.

Being the one with all the ideas gets old after a while. Ask yourself this= what does your partner bring to the table?

Being the one who does most of the work also gets old pretty quick. Plus-who’s going to be at your back when the zombies circle in?

Not necessarily physical strength, yet that doesn’t hurt. You want someone you can count on through thick and thin. Someone who will not sell you to the highest bidder behind your back or go against their own “morals” and eat that guy. Someone who has your back no matter what is the difference between being able to sleep at night and watching their every movement with trepidation, while you subsequently watch your health and sanity fade.


Well Read
Picture this: You and your mate are the only survivors left. Said mate uses the terms “ain’t” and “um” and “like” in every sentence … then picture flinging yourself off a cliff after a few years of that type of stimulating conversation, on repeat, over and over. Humans need companionship and stimulating communication.

Where’s Chef Ramsey when you need him?
“A man’s heart is through his stomach.” As so is a woman’s. If the venison is undercooked and that dang deer had a questionable meal this morning at the local roach coach, no amount of seasoning is going to disguise the retching and spewing that will ensue once the bacteria have taken over the tower.

And the most important quality of all, Drive
A burning sensation to accomplish goals. A need to succeed. Call it what you will, but pretty much anything can be improvised if you have the desire. Those who are too lazy or give up easily when a challenging task presents itself suffer one of two consequences: someone always has to come to their aid which only leads to a growing resentment within the rescuer, or they simply perish. Only one who wants to survive will win.

What qualities do you look for in a post apocalyptic partner?

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