Do You Have Backup Plans For Your Preps?

You have acquired a sweet stash of guns and ammo, your BOB is packed with necessary essentials and ready to make a quick retreat, and you brush up on your hunting/gathering skills at least once a month. Your food pantry is looking quite nice if you do say so yourself. But what if your home succumbs to a fire? Or you are on an overnight trip and are raided by thieves?

Fires can spring up suddenly from anything ranging from a faulty wiring or a lightning storm. As in the case of the recent wildfires in Colorado and California, some residents were only given minutes to evacuate. As part of your survival preparations, you need to consider such scenarios.

Never keep all your eggs in one basket. Separate the locations of your preps. Stash some in a travel trailer ready to hook up to your Bug Out Vehicle. Store a quantity in your food pantry/root cellar. And if you have family or trusted friends reasonably near you might be able to talk them into allowing you to store some stuff at their house. If your survival supplies are staggered in several different locations, not a fire, burglary, or other catastrophe will wipe you out in one fell swoop.

Consult a few insurance companies for quotes on insuring your preps. Granted, they will probably not be paying out in an EOTWAWKI situation, but you will be covered in a burglary or local natural event.

If you have the means, consider installing a sprinkler system, or reinforcing and fireproofing a root cellar that is not attached to your home.
Burying some supplies in waterproof containers is another great idea. Ideally digging into a hill above the water table, then waterproofing items with marine plastic wrapping to keep moisture out, and securing the entryway with a stone or metal doorway. Your supplies will be protected from a fire, flood or tornado, and you will have shelter if the dugout is large enough. The downfalls would be it would be a bit more difficult to bug out in a hurry, and not as well protected from burglary-especially if your dugout is a ways from your house.

As with anything, considering the options and having several plans is the greatest skill to survival.

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